He is doing absolutely amazing!!!! He has already brought so much love and joy to our family. My daughter is so excited that she even made him his own Instagram account! Feel free to follow him: @zlatanlouiethefrenchie.


Jane Kazmirak and family

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Mr. Keim and family,

We just left Henry’s (Hunter) first vet appointment. The vet was extremely impressed with Henry and said that you as a breeder have done an excellent job! Everything checked out great and Henry received his Parvo shot #2. He did great and didn’t cry at all.

Thanks again,
Henry’s very happy mom and dad, Lauren and Neil!


Miss Brittany - now named Ginger by one of our boys - is such a wonderful girl.  As I'm typing, she is running full speed around the kitchen.  She has settled in nicely and is playing with her brother and sister, trying to take their toy and run before they can catch her. :-)


We did our first veterinarian visit today - the vet was very pleased with her.  She got tons of love from the staff, so she handled it well. - Cara Hackett